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Hanner & Repp Theatrical Productions

Our Mission

Hanner & Repp works to
  • create engaging musical theatre
  • get student-run projects off the ground
  • and support community organizations.

Based in Seattle, WA.

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Most Recent

Past Events


Performed August 19th and 20th at Renton Civic Theatre at 7:30pm
The show follows an awfully good (...and hiliously bad) production that the composing team wants to take all the way to Broadway.
Thank you to all those who could make it all the way out to Renton to share an evening with us!

Bros 'N Shows: Reprise

Hanner & Repp's "Bros 'N Shows: Reprise," our self-produced, self-directed, all new,
musical production, raised $600 and more than 60 toiletry items for the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see our show.
Each audience had great energy!
Another huge thank you to our small but mighty team that formed the cast, crew, and production team; you made "Bros N' Shows: Reprise" a wonderful production!

If you like our work, please tell your friends, so more people can come see our productions in the future!

Issaquah High School Drama Fundraiser: Hosted and Directed by Hanner & Repp

Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise $2,568 for the Issaquah High School Drama Department and our production of Beauty and the Beast.
We were successful in raising student interest in the performing arts and uniting the community to support arts for students.

Bros 'N Shows

Mission accomplished! Teaming up with Daniel Repp, our cabaret "Bros 'N Shows" has raised $593.05 for Seattle Humane Society.
Thank you to all of our supportive friends and family for making this fundraiser a success.
A special thank you to Mrs. Henry, Joey on the lights, and Tali and Astor on the piano.

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